Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor: The case of the incorrect pronoun usage and the overemotional man

I never watch The Bachelor. Ever. But apparently there was a girl from my city on this year and everyone I know has been watching. I think my minister even used a Bachelor reference in a sermon last week. So after Chuck was over tonight, I talked Jason into watching The Bachelor- The Final Rose- only because I’d like to be in the know at the supermarket.

Really. It’s that bad.

Here is the main thing I’m taking away from The Bachelor tonight: incorrect pronoun usage is running rampant. It is devastating. If someone could give it some background music and a closeup, I would be sadder about that than the “super secret After the Final Rose special” that I’m watching right now {how could he??}.

I’ve never admitted this before, because I don’t want to be held to this standard, but I am a grammar snob.

There. I said it.

Please don’t call me on my own mistakes because I am only human. BUT I do know the difference between, “There was always chemistry between Melissa and I” {INCORRECT} and “I hate to let Molly go, me and her had an amazing time” {INCORRECT}. Or “Melissa and Molly should run like heck from this loser.” {CORRECT} {Oh, what, no pronouns there?}

Hearing these make me cringe and I have to correct it out loud. I even sometimes do this at meetings. If you hear a muffled cough of “me” in the corner, that’s probably yours truly having to verbally white out the air that was tainted with horrible grammar. I have been yelling corrected pronouns at the TV screen since we’ve been watching. Ugh. And now, watching the After the Final Rose Special, I just hope that this guy goes to live on some island where they don’t care about grammar or flared nostrils. He’s awful.

The second thing I’ve learned is that they must only accept people who can cry at the mention of the words “rose ceremony” and/ or can “fall in love” with a stranger with television cameras following them. And then change their mind about that said stranger. Really? This is crazy! This guy is super-duper-wordy and over-the-top hormonal. If he says, “falling in love with you” one more time I might grab that rose and throw it at him- thorns first.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like my men to be a little manlier than, say, someone who weeps openly in a designer suit, dramatically throwing himself over the edge of a waterfront mansion in New Zealand with quivering nostrils. I am reminded again of why I don’t watch The Bachelor.

BTW, Chris who hosts the Bachelor, has a hilarious blog post every week {I think?} for Entertainment Weekly. If you are into the Bachelor you should definitely read it. Coming from someone who is NOT into it {except now to have elementary, water-cooler knowledge}, I should tell you it’s all about the insider scoop and is awesome.

At least now I can join in on the buzz and be a part of a “historic” show.
It's about as historic as the fact that Jason fell asleep on the sofa 10 minutes into watching this. He didn’t even see the “dramatic” beginning, much less the ending.

I should have followed his lead.

He and I are definitely meant for each other {CORRECT}.


Amy said...

you are such a great blogger. and by the way, i'm the EXACT same way with the pronoun usage. i hate it.

Heather G. said...

That's so funny! One of my facebook friends was complaining about the same exact thing (the pronouns). I didn't watch this season, either, but my husband is gone tonight so I thought I would watch the finale. I ended up watching all the way through the "After" special. What a creep! I'm totally with you on the crying, too - YUCK!

Ivy said...

I didn't watch until the final rose ceremony last night....once the after show came on and the mood got so serious, I knew it was going to get interesting. I laughed through the entire thing...they are all so fake!

annieck said...

Ok, Hil. I, too, am a grammar snob. I cannot stand the incorrect usage of "I" and "me". That drives me CRAZY! It seems like it's usually in phrases like this..."Do you want to go to the store with Channing and I?" I want to SCREAM when I hear it. Thing is, most people think they're so cool because they're saying "and I" instead of "with me and Channing". It's wrong, though, and I can't stand it. Ok, there. It's out there.

As for The Bachelor, I watched it last night for the first time too. I was screaming at the t.v. I think that guys is a wimpy faker. I don't know how anyone could want to end up with him.

Oh well. Thanks for your hilarious post!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said... for the real gossip!
The finale was painful, but well constructed. Jason and Molly have been seeing each other for some time now. I feel SO bad for Melissa, but that's what you get for signing up to meet your husband on reality TV. She should have stuck to being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. She was my favorite...after your hometown girl, Stephanie.
You and my aunt are so much alike...catching grammer mistakes on TV. I love it! And, yes the balcony scene was so over-dramatic...I was waiting for a snot drip...that would have made for great TV. Lol.

Hollie and Janie said...

I, too, would like to join the grammar-snob club! My pet peave is when captioning pictures, people use incorrect pronouns. It's okay to use me, in fact, it's correct.
I secretly wish I had the power to edit blogs! Shhhh..... our secret! :)I also make my fair share of mistakes!! :)

Melissa said...

I am totally with you on the grammar issue. I'm also BIG on proofreading. Any printed material that falls into my lap is likely to be critiqued. I'm not perfect either, but I sure try my best, because I can't stand incorrect grammar. I agree with annieck's comment, also, about the "I" and "me" usage!

Jennifer said...

I found your blog through Amy's and love reading funny! (no wait, that's too funny, right?) :-)

I saw this article today and thought about your post:

Try to copy & paste!

Jennifer Weeks Davis
AGD @ Troy 2001

P.S. Don't judge me if I have grammatical errors...I love spell check on blogger...wish there was grammar check!

CL said...

I'm with you on being a grammar snob! My Mom was a teacher so I guess I come by it honestly. Thanks for the laughs though!

Lydia said...

You are hilarious...I am the same way (and so is my English major mother!)! You should totally check out It is a nationally recognized organization but the headquarters just happen to be based in Braselton (where I live!)

Oh, and do you watch Hell's Kitchen? Did you see the ditzy Colleen and her "V-C-I-T-O-R-Y" cheer? (No, I didn't misspell!) Too funny!

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