Thursday, March 19, 2009


We are down visiting GiGi and Big Daddy {my mom and dad} and had a nice little 6 1/2 hour drive to get down here yesterday.

Do you know how we made it?


Yes, it is the thing that gets me from stop to stop coupled with throwing goldfish to the back of the car. While we do have a TV with movie playing most of the time, I honestly feel bad for my kiddos stuck in the straight jacket-type carseat {especially compared to "the hump" we rode growing up and somehow survived}. So the Chic-fil-As are like a shining oasis on the desert of I-65.

Here are my guys at the Chic-fil-A south of Birmingham {exit 246}. We also stopped at the one in Prattville because of a traffic jam, but our other favorite is off of I-85 and Taylor Road in Montgomery.
Here's the rebel. Just laughing at the "socks required" sign. Bwaaa Haaa Haaa. Come and get me.
Here's a mom tip: You can trade in your kids meal "toy" for FREE ICE CREAM! I have about a dozen of those toys stacked in my diaper bag and I think I'm going to have a little birthday party there and show my hand of moral and virtue CDs {really CFA? That disappoints me... but your waffle fries make up for it} for the kids ice cream.

Too bad we're driving home on SUNDAY...


holly said...

OK, that song is too funny! And ain't it true, that when you crave it the most is on Sunday!

Darby said...

Hillary! Loved visiting with you last night! And we too love Chik-fil-A... yum!! It even sounds good now!

Lauren said...

I have been following your blog for awhile and I decided I must comment on this post. We live in Birmingham, and I travel with my little girl (same age as your youngest) to Dothan all the time. We ALWAYS stop at Chick-fil-A in Montgomery. It seriously saves us. She's still too little to climb on the playground but we love Toddler Town! And they are so nice to take your food to the table and I love the sticky placemats! Y'all have fun in Dothan!
Lauren (Hartzog) Beck

Lisa said...

I love Chick-fil-A and I always want it on Sunday! I think they do it on purpose :) I loved the song. Thanks for the laugh. We are heading to Dothan tonight, but no Chick-fil-A stops for us. Lent...can't eat meat :(

amy kennedy said...

Yummo. I love it too and have already had it twice this week just for a snack! (And...their milkshakes are the best-the vanilla tastes just like homemade ice cream!!) Sorry I'm missing out on the fun lunch today in Dothan. :)

Emily said...

that clip is so funny!
and i must tell you that i L-O-V-E the new blog!'s so techno-forward and chic.. and all YOU! you are such a talented woman and gifted writer..i really hope you continue with your writing (on the blog and in other areas). i am making a point of keeping up with your blog on a daily (ok..maybe not DAILY, but at least weekly)basis. it really entertains me and lifts my spirits everytime. i love you!


Sabrina said...

We love Chick-fil-a too! Except Lucius calls it Chicken-Play.....cause that's what he gets....chicken and play!! hehe. Have a great weekend in Dothan. The weather is beautiful here!!!

Domestically Sassy! said...

Chick-fil-a used to be my FAVORITE place to eat! I can't eat there now, dang Celiac...but my kids love it!

Hollie and Janie said...

I love O the rebel!!

heather g. said...

That video is so great! I almost didn't make it through this post because I'm going through serious CFA withdrawal. We don't have one here in Oregon and it STINKS!! Just imagine it being Sunday every day. I went there about 4 times when I was in Florida for Christmas. I love their milkshakes!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

i too love love "chic a lay" as it is called at our house..some random trivia, i worked there one summer on beach project and loved it! and it really does say something if you have worked at a fast food place and can still go back and eat there! next time you drive through and stop at one in bham, let us know! we just so happen to live closest to the busiest one in the u.s. and has the smallest play ground thing, but that doesn't stop us from going, no way! we just were there on st. patty's day and they were handing out free green icedreams! love it!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh I do love the Chick-Fil-A! :-)

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